Classes for Eggs
in Eggs

At the National Championship Show there are currently 136 classes for eggs. These range from single eggs to magnificent plates of six eggs of one colour – a very difficult achievement. In addition there are egg classes for Junior/Juvenile exhibitors together with waterfowl egg classes and, of course, contents classes which include specific classes for large and bantam eggs where they are assessed for both external and internal qualities.


Various breed clubs have their own eggs classes such as Araucana (blue eggs), Marans (brown eggs), Welsummer (red-brown eggs), Minorca/Leghorn (white eggs) and then there are classes for three distinct coloured eggs with separate classes for large and bantam – usually one brown, one white and one blue or green egg. The latter always creates an attractive and interesting display but is extremely difficult to master due to the exhibitor having to perfectly match 3 separate eggs supplied by 3 different birds!



Finally, some shows offer an award for the exhibitor gaining the most egg points in the show based on a system whereby a first prize attracts the maximum number of points with the second, third and fourth prize receiving an ever-decreasing number. This ‘Most Points in Show’ accolade is much coveted and, for the prolific egg exhibitor who may not always capture the top honours, it comes as a fitting reward for their endeavours. From a show organisers point of view, it also helps to stimulate support for the egg classes and the show income, of course, by encouraging exhibitors to enter more plates of eggs.