The Ringing Scheme

Many Poultry Club members have appreciated the benefits to be gained by joining the Ringing Scheme. Rings can be purchased in multiples of ten and are an extremely useful aid to bird identification and the recording of breeding lines for poultry keepers. This makes them a crucial part in the conservation and preservation of all our pure breeds of poultry.

Rings are available to both members and non-members of the Poultry Club and cost £3.50 per 10 rings (all sizes), for members and £4.75 for 10 rings, (all sizes), to non-members. All orders over £40.00 will receive a 10% discount.

Each ring is individually numbered and comes with the size and relevant year embossed on them. The colour of the rings changes each year in a six-year rotation in-line with those produced in Europe where leg-ringing is often compulsory.  The rings look smart and professional and add to the overall presentation of birds.

Please Note - there is a £4 cover charge for each order, for both members and non-members which is used to off-set the cost of postage and packaging for the charity.

Download the form and either send by post with payment by cheque, or email completed forms to: and make your payment via PayPal to, identifying yourself in the notes section that it is a ringing scheme order. You can also pay by card by telephoning the scheme co-ordinator; Kay Roadnight.

Please ensure that you use the current form from the website, as previous versions may contain different prices, which could delay your order.

The Poultry Ringing Scheme is voluntary in the UK.  However, it has grown in popularity since its introduction in 1994 and currently around 30,000 Poultry Club leg rings are sold each year.  The number of poultry breeders using the same scheme has risen considerably in recent years and the ongoing threat of notifiable disease has encouraged even more keepers to join the scheme and help safeguard their birds.
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Ringing Scheme Order Form

Rings can be worn by show birds who will not be at a disadvantage in comparison with non-rung birds in competition. The Poultry Club provides an award for rung birds at the National Championship Poultry & Egg Show.

Security is another important aspect as it goes without saying that rung birds can be easily traced at all times. Even when a bird is sold the ownership can be transferred through the Poultry Club's record system. Poultry Club Board of Trustees has agreed that the ring number may be tattooed under the wing as an extra security precaution, should breeders desire.

The recording of breed lines is standard practice with most types of livestock and if poultry breeders are to move with the times, they should consider the merits of the ringing scheme. So, if you are not yet a convert to rings why not try a few this year and see the benefits for yourself?