Note to Poultry Club Members and National Show Exhibitors
Note to Poultry Club Members and National Show Exhibitors

It is with much sadness that the Poultry Club has taken the decision to cancel the National Championship Poultry & Egg Show at Telford International Centre this October.

This decision has not been taken lightly.  However, given the unprecedented situation of Avian Influenza’s prevalence throughout the summer months of 2022 and the absence of any definitive guidance from the authorities as to when the AIPZ may be removed (in-full, or in-part); which subsequently provides the opportunity (not guarantee) for the re-introduction of the ‘gatherings license’ to permit poultry gatherings – there is no option at this stage but to cancel.

Whilst many of you will be disappointed, as are the Club’s Trustees – we have a duty to preserve the pure and traditional birds that we keep and represent, so reducing their exposure to this virus remains paramount. 

The Poultry Club continues to work with the authorities (including DEFRA’s and APHA’s policy leads) alongside other stakeholders to establish a future path for exhibition poultry in the UK. 

At this stage there is no effective vaccine for the strains of AI impacting wild and captive birds in the UK and its development is still some years off.  In addition, it remains unknown if a vaccine could be effective for what each of the stakeholders perceive success to be (sale, exhibition, trade, food, eggs etc) and what the process would be for its administration, testing, assurance and traceability.  This will be discussed in the round at future stakeholder meetings, the first of which is expected in a month’s time.  

The Poultry Club will discuss the potential impact on our hobby and the poultry we represent, as well as the options for hosting a National Egg Show in due course.  Meanwhile, if you wish to discuss the situation, please reach out to the Board of Trustees – contact details are within our member communications.  

With best wishes at this difficult time for poultry, its breeders and exhibitors. 




Lee Grant 


The Poultry Club