Bird gatherings

Dear members, supporters, exhibitors, show and sale organisers, volunteers and poultry keepers, 

As Chairman of the Poultry Club of Great Britain, I’m truly devastated to report, that despite our collective efforts over the past year to maintain a healthy poultry show & sale scene and to uphold a growing interest in pure and traditional breeds of poultry; I received a call earlier today from the Head of Exotic Disease Control Surveillance at DEFRA to confirm a ban on poultry gatherings (including: shows, sales and movement of poultry from multiple origins in the same vehicle), from midnight on Sunday the 7th November until further notice.   

It feels completely unfair that three isolated cases of AI so far this autumn have necessitated this level of control (a national AIPZ and gatherings ban) and despite our alternative suggestions of localized measures and/or compulsory housing with ‘permitted travel’ to and from gatherings, alongside a future vaccination program – that we find ourselves at the mercy of these stringent measures once again!    

I must share my immense gratitude to you all, for all that you do in the poultry fancy and I welcome your constructive thoughts as to what we can and should do now and into the future to help preserve this wonderful hobby?  

Of course, we will be taking the necessary steps in due course regarding the cancellation of the National Championship Poultry & Egg Show.  However, initially we will re-group and explore the options available to us in the short and medium term.   

Wishing you all well at this time of great disappointment.  

Lee Grant 
Chairman, Poultry Club of Great Britain.