The aims and objectives of the Poultry Club

As stated in our Constitution

The Poultry Club of Great Britain is a registered charity (no 298415)

"The object of the Club shall be to promote high standards in the keeping and breeding of purebred poultry."

In furtherance of the above object the Club through its Council shall have the following powers:

  1. To keep up-to-date the book of British Poultry Standards
  2. To foster international collaboration in poultry matters, to co-operate with specialist breed clubs, to formulate rules for the conduct of shows and provide panels of qualified judges, and a breeders directory
  3. To promote a public consciousness of the worth of British pedigree standard poultry stock. Our emphasis is on the value of keeping and conserving the 'gene bank' of breeds
  4. To encourage, assist and advise domestic poultry keepers
  5. To assist and actively support all kindred poultry organisations

The Poultry Club has the following aims:

The conservation of pure and rare breeds of poultry
To encourage, assist and advise domestic poultry keepers
To produce the rules of conduct for exhibitors and organisers of poultry shows
To administer the Judges Panel and the testing of new judges
The organisation of the annual National Championship Show
The provision of the show award scheme through medals, prize cards, and rosettes
The organisation of the Junior Proficiency Test
To oversee the British Poultry Standardsand the introduction of new breeds.