Types of Show

The Poultry Club regulates and administers the poultry show structure and status system. Poultry exhibitions are allocated status according to prestige, size, excellence of organisation etc. A show may apply to Council for upgrading and any show found not to be meeting required standards is liable to lose its status. The National Championship Show is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of all poultry shows, underneath this are the Royal and Championship Shows, followed by Regional Championship, and lastly, Voucher Shows. There are also Show Rules for exhibitors.

National Championship Show

Organisers of the 2017 National Championship Poultry & Egg Show, a highlight of the poultry calendar for many, are extremely proud to announce that W & H Marriage & Sons, is the headline sponsor for the event at the Telford International Centre on 2nd & 3rd December 2017.

W & H Marriage & Sons has been milling since 1824 with a proud tradition of quality and service. The Marriage's poultry feed range includes feeds for show birds and layers as well as growers and breeders and they offer a choice of non-GM and organic rations in a wide range of bag sizes.

Thought of as the top in the show hierarchy, this event represents the pinnacle of the breeding season. Winning the coveted Isherwood Trophy and being crowned as the National Championship Best In Show is the ultimate accolade for any poultry enthusiast.  The National is the event every fancier wants to win and attracts around 7000 entries with every conceivable breed and colour of poultry exhibited. The Specialist Breed Clubs usually hold their Club Shows at this event and attendance is highly recommended.

Royal Shows

These shows are held at the prestigious agricultural events that are fortunate to enjoy Royal patronage. There are currently nine Royal shows:-

Royal Ulster (Balmoral Show), Royal Bath & West, Royal Berkshire, Royal Cheshire, Royal Cornwall, Royal Highland, Royal Norfolk, Royal Three Counties & Royal Welsh.

Championship Shows

Shows designated as Championship shows are regarded by the Poultry Club Council as main shows with entries in excess of 500 birds.  In awarding this status the Council take into account the entries averages over a three year period with certain criteria to be met as regards classes scheduled.

Embossed cards are awarded to Best in Show, Reserve and the main section winners. Poultry Club members who win five cards in the same section qualify for special Poultry Club Trophies.

Cards bearing the plumes of HRH The Prince of Wales, Patron of the Poultry Club, are awarded to winners of the Bronze award for Best "Utility breed".

2017 Championship Shows

January: Selston, The Northern Poultry Show, Ballymena, Dyfed (Welsh National), The Scottish National at Lanark

February: Ulster Federation, High Peak Poultry Club, North of England, Devon Fanciers, Peebles and District, Reading

March: Northumberland Poultry Society

May: Lichfield & District Poultry Club

June: North Yorkshire County

July: Great Yorkshire, Nantwich, Stithians Agricultural Society

August: Bakewell Agricultural Show, Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society

September: Nidderdale Agricultural Society

October: Bugle, Eden Valley, Gorran, St Ewe & Sticker Fanciers, Hants & Berks, Oswestry & District Poultry Society, Welsh Federation

November: Egremont, Southport & Ormskirk Bantam Society

December: Holme & District Poultry Fanciers, Ribble Valley Poultry Society

 At Championship shows the following conditions have to be met:

1. The club or show to be affiliated to the Poultry Club.

2. The show is held under Poultry Club Rules.

3. The majority of the judges making the awards are recognised as Poultry Club Judges.

4. To award the section cards the minimum number of classes and entries for each section are:

a) Large Hard Feather 4
b) Large Soft Feather 6
c) True Bantams 8
d) Waterfowl 6

NB Separate Cards for Goose, Heavy Duck, Light Duck and Bantam Duck are awarded when there are 4 classes.

e) Eggs 8
f) Trios 2
g) Bantam Hard Feather 10
h) Bantam SF Heavy 10
i) Bantam SF Light 8
j) Juveniles 2
k) Rare Breeds 4
l) Turkeys 2
m) Utility 2

Utility here means pure breeds. It is possible for shows to put on a class for Hybrids if requested.

5. The bronze awards are given to the best exhibit in sections a.-k. One exhibit cannot win two awards, it qualifies only for the award of the section in which it is entered.

6.  Juvenile Classes for Bronze Awards are open to juniors aged from 5 to 16 years of age on the day of the show

7.  Junior Handlers can compete in special classes in front of a judge when their knowledge of the breed, handling and show preparation are assessed in addition to the quality of the exhibit.  Junior Handler classes are open to juniors aged from 5 to 16 years of age on the day of the show, and different age classes may be scheduled.

Regional Shows

Regional Poultry Shows were the brainchild of our past President, Will Burdett. They were introduced in 1977 to mark the Club’s centenary year. The aim was to provide regions with a major show which was supported by way of specials from the Poultry Club. Over the years the rules have been modified and are presently the same as those given under Championship Shows.

The Regionals offer prestige cards embossed in gold and these are much sought after. Five cards of a kind qualify the exhibitor for Poultry Club Special Trophies.

Winners of two section awards qualify for the Regional Roll of Honour that is published in the Yearbook.

It is important that the Show Secretaries send the results to Ian Allonby, so all exhibitors who have won more than two awards can be recorded.

2017 Regional Shows

Scotland Leslie, Peebles Agricultural, North of Scotland, Moray & Nairn, Wigtown, Ayrshire Agric Association
Northern Ireland County Antrim Agric Show
Ireland Irish Society of Poultry Fanciers
Wales Penclawydd, Anglesey, Denbighshire & Flint Agricultural, Gwynedd, Oswestry & District Poultry Society (Spring Show), Usk, LLanrwst
North East Northumberland and Durham Bantam, Northumberland County Show, Stokesley
North West Todmorden, Ireby, Southport & Ormskirk, Bolton
Yorkshire Barnsley, Halifax, Egton, Wharfedale (Otley), Driffield
Midlands Northampton, Stratford upon Avon
East Anglia Norfolk Poultry Club, West Essex
South East Surrey County, Kent Poultry Club, Billington, Colchester (Tendring)
South West Cornish Bantam, Taw & Torridge, Taunton, Liskeard, Pool, Hayle & District, Dorset & Wiltshire, Ashburton

Voucher Shows

Any affiliated show or Breed Club is entitled to offer PCGB rosettes and Voucher Cards for Show Champion, Reserve Show Champion, Best Eggs and Best Junior.  These cards entitle the winner of five Show Champion or Reserve Show Champion cards to an award.

Eight Best Egg Voucher cards qualify for an award. These cards must be awarded under Poultry Club Rules so eggs in produce sections of Agricultural Shows do not qualify unless judged by a Poultry Club Judge. Five Best Junior Voucher Cards entitle the winner to an award.

It is emphasised that these cards must be signed by the judge or show secretary and dated, without this they are invalid.
To obtain your awards send a Schedule to Ian Allonby, Blackthorn, Crosby Garrett, Kirby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4PR or by e-mail to ian.lizallonby@btinternet.com

Voucher Shows are the 'grass roots' of the fancy and serve the needs of local fanciers. They provide the novice with a chance to show and gain experience. Usually having between 200-400 exhibits they require two or three judges who are encouraged to discuss the qualities of the birds with their owners after judging.

Regional or Voucher Shows that wish to be upgraded should inform the Poultry Club Secretary at least six months before the show date providing details of the last three years entries.

Egg Societies & Stand-alone Egg shows 

‘Regional Status show’ if entries are in the excess of 200 plates of eggs.

‘Championship Status Show’ entries are to be in excess of 400 plates of eggs averaged over a 3 year period. Royal Championship Show award cards are now awarded for Championship Shows at Royal Shows with excess of 400 plates of eggs.

Applications for ‘Regional Status Show’ or up-grade to ‘Championship Status Show’ are made at least six months before the show date in order that the application can be approved by PCGB Council. When approved the annual renewal date will then be the first day of October each year.

Cards awarded are as follows:

Gold Star - Best in Show

Silver Star - Reserve in Show

Bronze stars for following:

Best plate of large fowl eggs Best single turkey egg
Best single large egg Best contents
Best plate bantam eggs Best Juvenile
Best plate waterfowl eggs Best decorated or display eggs.
Best single waterfowl egg  
Best plate turkey eggs  


Royal Championship Egg Shows

Championship Egg Shows

Regional Egg Shows

Royal Cheshire Scottish National High Peak Poultry Club
Royal Bath and West Southport and Ormskirk Bugle & District Poultry Club
Royal Cornwall Wessex Egg Show Devon Fanciers
  Craven Fanciers Guineas Duke of York
  Summer Wine Egg Show Kent Fanciers
  Preston and District egg Show Stalybridge
    Bolton and District


* All results must be sent to Edward Boothman after the show.