The Poultry Club for Schools

Welcome to the The Poultry Club of Great Britain Schools section. We hope you enjoy finding out about the fascinating subjects covered in this section. Although you may never have seen chickens running around, you will most probably have eaten chicken meat or eggs fairly often. Hopefully you will be able to see chickens at first hand, whether in school, at a farm, or at a poultry keeper's house. If you are really interested why not enter the various competitions run by The Poultry Club or encourage your teacher to organise a visit by a poultry fancier.

New Life: Baby Chicks

The beginning and growth of new life is one of the most fascinating of events. It is possible to observe and learn about this process by looking at Baby Chicks. In this section are three stages - 'The Embryo', 'Incubation', and 'After Hatching' - which explore and explain what happens from the moment an egg is laid to how the baby chick should be looked after. You may have been lucky enough to have your own incubator, or you may have seen baby chicks hatch out. If you haven't, don't worry - this section will enable you to see exactly what goes on and to learn about the processes involved!

What are Chickens?

Where do eggs come from? Almost 27 million eggs are eaten in the UK each day! If you know eggs come from chickens you know it is obvious that there are a lot of chickens in this country! In fact, poultry are probably the most widespread of all domestic animals.



Extraordinary Eggs!

Nearly all animals produce eggs, but only some of them lay eggs outside of the body. Birds' egg shells are one of nature's great design solutions: thin, porous, yet amazingly strong. They are shaped and structured to provide protection and nutrients for the developing embryo. Over 27 million chicken eggs are eaten every day in Great Britain alone.





Poultry Postage Stamps

Poultry features on postage stamps throughout the world! Ttwo from Africa - one from Zambia, the other from the Republic of Kenya in 1964 - and one from the USA from 1948 which was used to celebrate the centenary of the poultry industry.