News - Bio-security at the National Show 2017

PCGB Press Release re Biosecurity at the National Show

On behalf of the PCGB I would like to thank you all for your support, patience and understanding at the National Show on Sunday morning whilst we dealt with a biosecurity issue that arose.

As expressed at the time, the safety and security of the blood lines of the pure breeds that were in the hall was our number one priority. Therefore we were unable to let exhibitors, members, traders and any general public into the hall whilst protocols were followed. As many of you may be aware, there were 4 mortalities when the organising team arrived at the show hall on Sunday morning. These deaths were isolated to one point of origin, one breed of waterfowl, entered in the sales section.

The PCGB Honorary Veterinary Surgeon, Robin Creighton, was on hand immediately to ensure the welfare and well-being of all of the other poultry entered in the show. Animal Health were contacted immediately and thorough discussions took place to try to determine if there was any threat of Avian Influenza or other notifiable disease.

The biosecurity measures we had in place; the contingency plan, and the rigorous planning and liaison before the show by our DEFRA liaison officers: Lee Grant and Jed Dwight, meant that this situation could be dealt with quickly and effectively with a minimum amount of disruption to the show, the exhibitors and their birds.

The authorities involved were extremely pleased with our record keeping, biosecurity measures and understanding of the potential consequences in dealing with the situation. They made the decision that there was not a risk of Avian Influenza and the cause of death was unknown but not linked to the symptoms of AI.

I thank everyone involved with handling the situation in a calm and professional manner and I thank you for your understanding during that time. I feel this proves how planning and preparation, along with a clear understanding of biosecurity, is enabling our hobby to continue through these unsettling times.

Louise Carpenter

PCGB Chair


(I thank all of those mentioned above, however, special thanks also go to the owner of the birds, the Show Manager - Andy Marment, Sales Section - Roz and Edward Boothman, Victoria Roberts and Kate Dickinson for the roles they all played in dealing with this issue exceptionally).