Members Update Council Meeting – May 2016

As a club we would like to share as much information with our members as possible. We are working hard to improve communication and make you aware of what council are doing.  That’s why it has been decided to put an update in Fancy Fowl and on the website after each bimonthly council meeting so we can inform you all what is new.

The May council meeting was extremely productive with a wide range of agenda items discussed.  It began with a unanimous vote to grant free membership to all schools who apply, to encourage the next generation of future fanciers. East Worlington Primary School have now been granted free membership; we look forward to other schools joining the Poultry Club and getting involved in this wonderful hobby.

As our junior members are such an important element we are working hard to incorporate and encourage this membership category. A Junior Factsheet has been created to give information to potential junior members and encourage the youngsters to have a go at exhibiting poultry. These will be distributed around shows for anyone to take along with laminated copies to display at local shows. Council members will be attending Countryside Live at Harrogate in June to give talks on poultry keeping and exhibiting to the children visiting the show. These factsheets along with Poultry Club Goody bags will be handed out. It is intended the PCGB branded carrier bags will include a pen/pencil, sticky bug, balloon and other PCGB branded goodies in order to raise the profile of the club. There will also be a new ‘junior area’ at The National Show at Telford in November. This will include a section where the children visiting the show can go to and take part in colouring activities etc. and drawing competitions; along with finding out about exhibiting chickens and picking up a goody bag!!

New membership leaflets have also been produced following the new branding theme. This format will also be used on pop up display boards and an exhibition stand which will be taken to poultry and agricultural shows.

Part way through the May meeting there was a presentation from Reading University regarding the archiving of poultry material; including the David Scrivener bequest. It was very interesting to hear the proposal and is something we will be finding out further details about in readiness for consulting members prior to the November AGM. The university are looking to catalogue and archive the books, slides and other materials they have in order to conserve them; along with wishing to publicise and engage people to undertake research using this wealth of resources. They would be looking into links with schools and we have asked if this could include schools with membership of the Poultry Club. Obviously, all of this work will require a fee; therefore requires careful consideration and discussion with members leading to a vote. The Poultry Club are looking to arrange a presentation from Reading University at The National to enable members to make informed decisions when it comes to making this decision.

Whilst on the subject of voting and elections; it has been agreed by the National Pigeon Association that they will be the Poultry Club’s official scrutineers for future elections – this was an item that came up at the 2015 AGM. Correspondence has also been received from a member requesting for future election candidates’ photographs to be included with their brief summary statement about themselves. It was thought this was a good idea as it always helps to put a face to a name. Look out for this in the September elections.

The standards committee had previously met and ratified proposed new additions to the poultry standards. The following standards have now been accepted by council: black mottled Russian Orloff, Harvey Speckled Turkey and the buff Columbian Leghorn. There are more standards to be discussed next time.

Finally, it is great to hear that a delegate of French fanciers will be joining us at the National to find out more about the fancy in the UK. The news of this visit, along with a visit from an Australian fancier is great for international relations. We hope we can attract visitors from all over the country and further afield to make this a fabulous flagship event.

Good luck to all for the summer shows and in rearing your chickens, we look forward to seeing you around.

Louise Carpenter
On Behalf of The Poultry Club Council