AI Update - 08 December 2016

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Avian Influenza (AI) - Prevention Zone Q&A - 08 December 2016


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Subject: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N8) in Europe: Avian Influenza Prevention Zone Q&A and update on latest situation

Dear Colleague

Please find attached a short Q&A document as a result of Scottish Ministers declaring an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone covering the whole of Scotland on 6 December 2016.  This may help you in answering any questions you or your members may have.  In addition, a biosecurity guidance document ”Biosecurity and preventing disease in poultry and captive birds within a Prevention Zone” has also been prepared.  Both documents can be found at

I have also attached the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s (APHA’s) latest outbreak assessment on H5N8 HPAI in Europe at 7 November.

• Disease continues to spread in Europe as well as North Africa / Middle East.
• There have now been over 100 outbreaks in domestic poultry, backyard and commercial, with secondary spread in some countries / sectors.
• New countries reporting are Romania (wild birds), Serbia (wild birds), Poland (1st outbreak), France (7 outbreaks), Tunisia (wild birds).
• Scotland, England, and Wales now have in place country-wide Avian Influenza Preventive Zones (AIPZ), which require poultry keepers and keepers of captive birds to improve their biosecurity, prevent contact (direct or indirect) with wild birds, and house their birds, where practicable.
• An interactive map of new cases / outbreaks is available here:
This outbreak assessment is available on GOV.UK website at:

Many thanks for your help in promoting messaging about the zones, and their requirements, amongst your members/contacts.

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