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Consider the Minorca - for beauty, eggs, show, or pleasure!

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Black Minorca M
Black Minorca M

White Minorca Male
White Minorca Male

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Head study of Minorca Male

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Why choose the Minorca?

Do you need some eggs for the kitchen, do you fancy a challenge in the show world, do you want some very striking birds running around the garden? If the answer to any of these is yes, then take a look at the Minorca.

Breed Details

The Minorca is classified as light, soft feather and comes in large or bantam. The main colour is black with the blue and white being rare. The choice of large or bantam really depends on space or money, with the large needing more space and eating more food. As with all old breeds they were never bred for intensive farming and love to run outdoors wherever possible. Despite this, many members do keep birds indoors with excellent results. Large Minorcas are non-sitting but the bantams make good mothers.

Club Profile

The present Minorca Club was formed in 1962. As a Club we very much welcome new members and there are plenty of experienced fanciers to offer help to anyone who needs it. For the exhibitor we have three Club Shows each year namely The national at Stoneleigh, The Federation at Stafford, and the Scottish national at Perth. many other shows throughout the UK put on classes for Minorcas.

To cater for all members, exhibitors or not, the Club puts out regular newsletters to keep everybody informed with all the news and information applicable to the Minorca breed. All new members receive a Minorca Club handbook upon joining.

Our membership is very diverse, from people wanting to keep a few pullets in the garden for their eggs to the egg exhibitor who likes that large White egg, to the serious exhibitor. Whatever the reason, the Minorca has a lot to offer.


Full Membership costs just £6 annually per person.

Contact details

Club secretary - Mr Rob Walker
Address: The Minorca Club, Holly Cottage, Ashton, Leominster, Hereford HR6 0DN.

Telephone: 07767 237840, email: robfirebird@googlemail.com