Avian Influenza & Newcastle Disease

The following documents are for information and can be downloaded by simply clicking on the link:  


About Avian Influenza Guidance V3 06-08-18


About Newcastle Disease Guidance V1.0 03-08-18


Poultry Gatherings Guidance for Organisers V4 06-08-18


Poultry Gathering AI and ND Declaration Form V8 03-08-18


Biosecurity Information for Participants V8 06-08-18


Poultry Gatherigs Contingency Plan V4 06-08-18


Emergency Contact Template V3 06-08-18


Poster Campaign

AI Campaign Poster - Final 24/08/2017

AI Campaign Poster 01

AI Campaign Poster 02

AI Campaign Poster 03

AI Campaign Poster 04

AI Campaign Poster 05

AI Campaign Poster 06

Video Campaign

To support the ongoing bird flu campaign DEfRA have created 5 short videos for use on social media. The videos are of Nigel Gibbens, the Chief Veterinary Officer, in a back garden talking through some of the main messages of the campaign. DEfRA will be publishing one video a day on their social media channels from Monday to Friday next week (09 Oct 2017).

Click on the links below to download the videos:

1 Cleaning

2 Fencing

3 Keeper interview

4 Stay aware

5 Remember,report