Established in 1877, the Poultry Club has a long tradition with a major and pivotal role over many years in the conservation and preservation of pure breeds of poultry throughout the world. Many of our members comprise the few hands in which a breed is retained, whilst others have been actively involved in helping to increase a breed's popularity. The Poultry Club has two active conservation initiatives: The British Poultry Standards book, and the 'Poultry Club Ringing Scheme'. The former has been protected and administered by The Poultry Club for generations, the latter is a more recent initiative.

British Poultry Standards

The British Poultry Standards - the official reference for all the recognised breeds in Great Britain - are a crucial tool in the preservation and conservation of our many pure poultry breeds. Having decided to keep poultry we hope, and strongly recommend, that you will choose a pure breed - that is one which has been bred by a reputable breeder who puts together a pen of pure bred birds to produce offspring which conform to the British Poultry Standards. The sixth edition of The Poultry Standards, with new colour photographs, was published in 2008 and contains complete specifications for all breeds and varieties for the poultry breeder and conservationist. PCGB members are offered a discount, click on Shop in the header bar..

Croad Langshan


The Poultry Club Ringing Scheme: click on link on this page.